Trident Warriors Diver Training

Our goal is to harness the support of civilians who are willing to conduct their diver training with us so that we may provide free diver training to combat veterans.

Our Mission: To give purpose and provide physical and mental relief to combat veterans of all allied forces using Scuba Diving to harness the power of the ocean and its three-dimensional weightlessness to help recharge the mind, body and soul with zero cost but time and effort to those that have given so that we may be free.

Please help by donating or joining us on one of our Training courses or Scheduled Trips

Come join us and watch us grow.

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We are a new organization that is focused on partnering and gaining the support of diver training centers across the globe to support military combat veterans.  We invite members of the public wishing to learn to dive to train with our partners and then taking those heavily discounted or zero profit preferred  rates to put towards training the military combat veterans.

Veterans Trained to date..
Dive Center Locations


Civilian Diver Training

We offer you the opportunity to train with high quality instructors at ZERO profit that have been cleared by our strict guidelines. 

Free Combat Veteran Diver Training

If you are a combat veteran then you will be welcomed into our program which can provide you with ZERO cost diver training.

Discounted Veteran Diver Training

We offer all non-combat veterans discounted diver training

Group Diving Trips

We host price conscious diving trips to bring veteran and civilian divers together to form lifelong bonds of friendship.

Our Diver Training Center Partners

Click to view any of our partners sites.  Don't forget to tell them you want to be part of the Trident Warrior group!

Evolution Diving
Island Divers
Utila Dive Center



Wayne Miller

Wayne is the founder of Trident Warriors and a PADI MSDT with instructor specialties including Deep, DPV, Wreck, Nitrox and PPB amongst others. He is also a technical diver and loves divng his ISC Meg CCR Rebreather at any opportunity. He is a former British Army combat veteran having served 3 operational combat tours in The gulf War, Northern Ireland and Bosnia and recognizes the therapeutic properties of scuba diving. His goal is to build a global organization to harness the power of scuba diving to help our veterans across all nations find peace and purpose.

Wayne Miller

Trident Warriors Founder – PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Josiah Makin

Josiah Makin

Managing Director / PADI Course Director – Utila Dive Center

Justin Scott

IDC Staff Instructor – Utila Dive Center

Manny Lagos

Managing Director – Utila Dive Center

Worldwide Outreach

We are continuing to grow by visiting diver training centers all over the world to assess them for suitability into our program.

Full Equipment

All of our diver training packages include full equipment rental. There are no hidden fee's and all profits are passed to help us train our combat veterans.


We are building our online store with ll manner of apparel to help bring awareness to our cause and generate revenue to help pay for combat veteran transportation, lodging and training.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are hand picked by the founder of Trident Warriors who is a combat veteran and experienced diver who sought diving as a way of dealing with combat stress.


Join our community of civilians and veterans and embark on the most rewarding journey you could hope for.  We strive to provide you with thorough and expert training at competetive rates to benefit our veterans.


Each package below is typical of what we strive to provide with all of our diver training facilities.  There are just an example of our leading centers.  Due to the size of the establishment, location and availability of included accomadation where the partner has a deal worked out with hotels or have their own accomadation then these prices will differ between locations.  Please check by going to our partners page for the special deals at each location. 

Each package will include a free identical package for a combat veteran.  When you train with us we make an oath to train a Combat Veteran at zero cost to them. 

Do you have a friend who is a combat veteran?  If so, then after we have cleared them through our application process then you can bring them with you and do your training with them or gift the package to them directly.

Open Water

5 day onsite PADI Open Water course

$ 349 / package
  • Student Materials
  • Equipment Rental
  • 5 Nights Accomadation*
  • 2 Free Dives
  • Expert Instructor
  • Combat Veteran package match

Advanced Open Water

3 day onsite PADI Advanced Open Water course

$ 349 / package
  • Student Materials
  • Equipment Rental
  • 3 Nights Accomadation*
  • 2 Free Dives
  • Expert Instructor
  • Combat Veteran package match

Rescue & EFR

5 day onsite PADI Rescue & EFR course

$ 429 / package
  • Student Materials
  • Equipment Rental
  • 5 Nights Accomadation*
  • 2 Free Dives
  • Expert Instructor
  • Combat Veteran package match

Trident Warriors is a global effort to support ALL combat veterans of all Armed Forces regardless of country of origin.

Yes.  We are partnered with specialists that can help you, all of our instructors are adaptive divers and or adaptive instructors.  We will need to evaluate your condition prior to acceptance and you will need to undergo a thorough diving medical examination prior to approval.

All of our instructors are hand picked by the founder of Trident Warriors for their high level of experience and approach to teaching in an empathetic manner that is well suited to combat veterans.

This will depend on the location that you choose.  Not all of our centers are suitable for wheelchair bound individuals but we will help you with placement into a suitable location.

Yes, absolutely.  As a civilian you form the backbone of our program by coming to train with our high quality instructors at competitive costs.  All of our instructors have made a solemn vow to not make any profit on your training and instead pass those gains to pay for the operating costs of teaching a combat veteran.

For administrative purposes we are located in Florida, USA however our program is global and we are continuing to add new locations as we grow.